Have you identified the political landmines you must avoid?

Do you know what motivates each of your team members?

Are there times you wish you had a genie in a bottle to give you the answers?

Do you want to be the leader that others emulate?  Don't leave your success to chance.  Reach for it!

Becoming a successful leader or manager of people won't just happen.  It takes skill building, being part of a group of other leaders where you can share experiences, asking for direction, and be open to new ideas. Who's got your back?  Who's in your boat?

That's what "Reaching" is about.  A group of your peers, who understand your concerns because they're in the same boat you are.  We are a Mastermind Group - a peer advisory team for you.  Together the six members and facilitator help each other work through issues, concerns, problems, situations, and all that being a leader involves.

Mastermind Groups have been around since ancient times, but they got revitalized in 1937 when Napoleon Hill promoted his personal development and self-improvement book.  So what is a Mastermind Group?  A group of your peers, who meet regularly to work through the challenges and problems each are facing.  A legacy that included people like Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, and Walt Disney.

What does "Reaching" include?  

8 modules + a 4 month mastermind group

We'll cover these 8 topics:

  • Managerial Skills
  • Creating a one-page Leadership Dashboard to use daily
  • Time Management
  • Effective Collaboration
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Excellent Service
  • How to Influence 

What's the process?

You have 2 weeks to work through one module. We'll follow that up with a mastermind session that is on one issue you want the group and myself (the facilitator) to help you with. (private coaching is also available)

How does the Mastermind work?

  • We meet via a Zoom video conference where we can all see each other.
  • We open the meeting with each member being held accountable for their commitment from the last meeting.
  • Then we rotate each member in the "Hot Seat" for 20 minutes.  (This is where the growth and accountability happens.)  You state what you need help with - ideas, an answer, a plan, whatever it is that's preventing you from moving forward.  The group asks clarifying questions to be certain they each understand exactly what you want, and then we move on to giving you our ideas.
  • Before they leave the "Hot Seat",  the member states their goals to complete before the next meeting.
  • We close the meeting.
  • The session is recorded so you can go back to it at a future date.

Why should you do this?

  • to hold yourself accountable (because your group members will)
  • to find clarity, solutions, and new ideas
  • it's safe, confidential, and dependable
  • for the power of the combined experience and skills the group has
  • access to more ideas than you can discover on your own
  • because your career, your manager, and your team deserve your best


The total price for this program is $2300

Payment Options:

  1. Payments in full at time of registration receive a 20% discount ($460), reducing it to $1840.
  2. Four monthly payments of $575

Registrations by September 1 to receive one private coaching call included in your program.

Next Step

1)    Please fill out an application. We will use this to understand if you are a good match for the program and also to match our initial group together.

2)    Janet will also schedule a short call with you to discuss the program and answer any questions you may have.

3)    Once you are accepted into the program we will send you a membership agreement and payment instructions.

I'm Janet Dockum, owner of Results Business Solutions.  After a 20 year career in HR consulting, I started my business in 2002 consulting, coaching, and training in the areas of:  leadership, managerial skills,  and business startup .    I hope you'll recognize the huge benefits a program like this can be to you and your career.  The top executives in America's corporations have risen to their positions because of groups like this.  Hold yourself accountable by becoming a member of one of my groups designed specifically for those in managerial positions.  You can reach me at Janet@ResultsBS.com or 423-509-1864 EST.